About the Lab

The Walensky laboratory focuses on the chemical biology of deregulated apoptotic and transcriptional pathways in cancer. In particular, our studies emphasize the chemical, structural, and cell biology of the BCL-2 family signaling network. We have developed and applied “stapled peptides” that preserve the structure of biologically-active domains as new chemical probes and prototype therapeutics to respectively dissect and target the BCL-2 family and other pathologic signaling pathways.


We are accepting CVs from prospective postdoctoral fellows and graduate student candidates in the areas of chemistry, chemical biology, structural biology, biochemistry, proteomics, cell biology, and mouse modeling. Direct any inquiries to Loren Walensky (loren_walensky@dfci.harvard.edu)


Our laboratory specializes in the design, synthesis, and application of stapled alpha-helical peptides for biomedical research. We are pleased to participate in academic collaborations by designing and generating stapled peptides for your research needs. Our goal is to remain fully engaged with our collaborators to provide ongoing input on experimental design, data analysis, and project development. Charges to the investigator are for synthesis costs and approximate core facility fees for standard peptide synthesis. Submit your project proposals by email to the Stapled Peptide Design Group, care of Greg Bird (greg_bird@dfci.harvard.edu)